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The Child Development Atlas maps data on area-level indicators of development for children and young people in Western Australia.

Children's wellbeing and development can be influenced by the communities in which they live.

Mapping of community characteristics against indicators of child development can help to provide insights into the associations between neighbourhood-level factors and children's outcomes.

These insights can help guide the development of geographically-sensitive policy, which acknowledges the relationships between the spatial patterns of children’s developmental outcomes, and the provision of services in an area.

Understanding variation in developmental profiles across communities is critical to improving the quality and appropriateness of services aimed at improving developmental outcomes.

The Child Development Atlas is funded by the Ian Potter Foundation and the Minderoo Foundation, and is supported by CoLab, a partnership between the Minderoo Foundation and the Telethon Kids Institute.


Child Development Atlas Launch


Webinar - How to Access & Use the CDA