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Data Source 

WA Police Force – Incident Management System


Number of offenders aged 10-24 years in WA


Total number of persons aged 10-24 years in WA

Unit of Measure 

Per 10,000 persons



Data Confidentiality

Counting rules have been applied to certain reporting categories (typically those known to have been prone to over-recording of offences historically) in order to provide a more accurate picture of crime volumes and trends. Counting Rules are applied historically to ensure comparability.


Distinct count of selected offences involving an offender, where the offence occurred between 01 January 2005 and 31 December 2018 inclusive, in the associated Local Government Area, SA3 Area and SA2 Area. As such, a single offence involving multiple offenders will be counted once against the relevant categories. Location data is recorded for all offences. However, if the location is unable to be identified using WA Police Force geographical mapping tables, the offence will not appear in these figures. This is approximately 0.0004% of offences.