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Ngala is an organisation that supports families, parents and careers to navigate parenting children (from before pregnancy up to having children 18 years of age) through a range of services across Western Australia1. Ngala’s parenting helpline is its main point of contact for parents and carers with parenting concerns. It functions both to provide free parenting advice and support and to refer families and individuals on to other relevant resources and services1.

The support parents require varies at different stages of their children’s lives. For example, parents of infants could require advice about sleep and feeding whereas parents of teenagers may be looking for assistance with relationships, behaviour management and education. The average age of children at the time calls were made to Ngala can therefore provide insight into the type of support parents are currently seeking in different geographical areas.


  1. Ngala. Ngala: Parenting, Family, Children and Youth Support [Internet]. Kensington WA; Ngala; 2018 [cited 22 May 2018]. Available from:

Data Source 

Ngala helpline administrative data


Sum of ages for all children at time of call


Total number of calls

Unit of Measure 

Age in weeks



Data Confidentiality

Areas with a numerator less than 5 have been supressed.


Age represents the age of the child the call relates to.